Thursday, June 11, 2009

Updates on Bank Street brewery progress, among other news items.

Everyone wants to know when brewing will begin at the Bank Street Brewhouse. Trust me: I’m among the inquiring minds.

Inside, plumbing, electrical and glycol (chiller) installation has been ongoing. The boiler is supposed to be operational by June 15 or thereabouts. Work is being done in the grain room, and with the mechanics to transport grain to the mash tun.

The only real sticking point thus far is the gas line coming into the building, which must be modified by Vectren to be of use. We think this has been scheduled for the 15th. If so, grain can be ordered shortly thereafter, and brewing will commence. Licensing is in place, so we’re okay on the regulatory front.

The four brands to be brewed initially at Bank Street for outside distribution are Elector, Beak’s Best, Bob’s Old 15-B and Hoptimus. Others like Community Dark will remain available to old familiar customers, and these will be brewed at Grant Line, where Jared also will brew seasonal and specialties.

In other news:

Outside, the north patio (half the former parking lot, where smoking will be permitted) is being constructed. The roof is going up first, followed by the stone walls and then furnishings. The sidewalk on the eastern building front has been approved for replacement by the city, and once poured and finished, it will extend further into the street, permitting non-smoking outdoor tables between the building and the sidewalk. This should begin soon.

Mark Tuesday, July 14 on your calendars. There’ll be a special Bastille Day menu at Bank Street, prepared by Chef Josh Lehman, and a few special French Bieres de Garde that I’m “importing” for the occasion – not that Elector doesn’t pair with cassoulet.

Finally, on the beer front at Grant Line, the summer’s being dedicated to the long-awaited revamp of the bottled guest beer program. As part of the annual culling of some items and adding others, we’ll be changing the way we organize the menu to emphasize style and point the way to the many new and exciting beers now available to us.

Your patronage is appreciated, and don’t forget to direct your questions to me, the Publican:

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