Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sacrificing to help the L & N plan a dual beer/wine dinner.

There were seven of us, each with a background in wine, beer or both. The scene was Louisville’s L & N Wine Bar and Bistro, and the menu prepared by Executive Chef Rick Adams was as follows:

First course
Seared sweetbreads, currant demi, duck fat fingerling potatoes, micro green salad

Second course

Pork belly, grilled watermelon, frisee aged balsamic and olive oil

Third course
Lamb rack, roasted tomato spatzle, fresh fig/veal reduction

Fourth course
Cowgirl creamery Mt. Tam cheese (and blue cheese – didn’t catch the source), walnuts, raisins and dark chocolate

The panel’s thankless job was to taste perhaps a dozen wines or more and what seemed like twice as many beers, pairing one of each wine and beer with the courses, and also ensuring that the wines and beers wouldn’t clash.

We did it.

Since this rigorous testing was the prelude to an actual dinner some time in July, I won’t give away the pairings, except to note that France and Belgium are well represented among the finalists. Once L & N announces the details, they’ll be posted here. The actual dinner will also have two opening glasses of champagne and an effervescent beer, and the first two courses probably will be reversed in order. Until then, just let me say this: It’s going to be killer, and you need to be there.

Stay tuned.

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