Monday, June 22, 2009

Tale of two meals.

The first two photos are of bouillabaisse and pork shank, just prior to being rather joyously consumed last Friday evening at the Bank Street Brewhouse. I planned on having only one beer with the meal, and waited for the pork to order a Hoptimus. A delightful pairing, indeed, as the pork is fully capable of battling the hop to a standstill.

This last photo was taken on Sunday night at the house. The missus made a low-calorie pasta somewhat along the lines of puttanesca, and we opened a bottle of Aglianico from the Carousel Winery in Bedford, Indiana. In retrospect, a milder red might have been a better pairing even though I enjoyed the richness and alcoholic heft (16% abv) of the wine. Afterward, the remainder of the bottle was apt accompaniment to a good cigar out on the porch.

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