Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Beercycling Denmark 2010 is being plotted. Want to take part?

Having returned from my first visit to Copenhagen in a decade, I’m suitably pumped. The Danish contingent of Kim & Kim are doing reconnaissance, and we’re in the initial planning stages of what is hoped to be Beercycling 2010 in Denmark, a ten or so day festival of bicycles and beer.

Why Denmark? We haven’t done it there previously. It’s a bike-friendly country. The past ten years have witnessed a remarkable flowering of Danish beer culture. We know people there. And, the country is filled to the brim with wonderful herring.

Consequently, Kim “Big Kim” Andersen is researching three or four beer- and brewing-related itineraries, including Copenhagen and the countryside. These would be daytrip-style arrangements, using a hub and using rental bikes to sightsee and visit breweries, perhaps with light touring in between, or trains used if necessary. If possible, the sag wagon/support vehicle notion will be incorporated, so those interested in the trip but not in cycling are very much welcomed so long as some one is willing to drive. We’ll all divide the costs.

Considering the climate, we feel that late June or early July would be the best time even though it’s high season. There is sentiment for a Bamberg side trip at the end. Finally, know that this trip will be expensive because Denmark itself is expensive. We’ll do what we can to cut costs, but understand that budget travel isn’t really an option.

If this interests you, please let me know via the usual channels. I will begin building an e-mail list and considering options. Of course, there is no obligation.

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Timothy said...

Thanks to Granada University in Spain we now know that it is better to drink beer after exercise than water...time for more bikes racks at the local watering hole...