Thursday, May 28, 2009

Revised and repaired sidewalk coming to the Bank Street Brewhouse.

We breezed back into town yesterday afternoon, to be greeted by another piece in the Bank Street Brewhouse puzzle, as reported in the New Albany Tribune:

The board awarded a bid to Knight Concrete to build sidewalks and curbs in small sections along Bank Street — near the Bank Street Brewhouse — and State Street — near the old Speakeasy and home of Wick’s Pizza. The cost for both jobs is $16,177.

Thanks to City Hall and the Board of Works for making this possible. It will have the effect of cleaning up the area in front, by the garage doors, which was last repaired some fifty years ago, and allowing us to have seating for dining by the street.

There'll be more to come as I sort through notes and photos of the holiday in England and Denmark.


The Homeroaster said...

It'd be great if they could allocate a few hundred to fix the gutter and sewer grate in the middle of my driveway that's collapsing into itself. So far, all I got was a big orange the middle of my driveway. Thanks New Albany.

David said...

Who loves you Homeroaster? Apparently not the city of NA.

The Homeroaster said...

I was thinking it but didn't write that I am happy that the city is paying for fixing the sidewalk in front ot the Bank St. Brewhouse. Any expenditure of taxpayer money for the advancement and enjoyment of quality local beer is OK by me.