Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Dawn

by John Campbell

Yes, Roger is back from vacation, but since he is often accused of being a "commie", I thought I'd jump in for one last post to clear the air and dispel these malicious rumors. Seriously, is the Red Scare still going on? sigh...

While he was away we began to remove the protective coating from our new DME brewing system. Lo and behold what was found below:

Yes, we were shocked. But, wait, there's more...

and it wasn't just the fermenters (the other two had been defaced with repulsive images of Mao and Lenin), the mash tun had been vandalized with Bakunin:

the brew kettle with Trotsky:

and a horrifying image of a bald-faced, clean-cut Dr. Ernest Guevara was glued to the yeast propagator:

Eugene Debs on a bright tank? Who would do such a thing? ...wait a minute... what's that guy doing?

Tony Beard, New Albanian Brewing Co.'s Artist in Residence

OK, I must confess on behalf of the brewery staff (Jesse, Jared, David, and myself), Tony isn't completely responsible. We all conspired to label the tanks without Roger's consent. It was done in his absence and without his knowledge and we are quite proud of ourselves.

Power to the People!

Welcome home, Roger.


David said...


(fight the power)

antzman said...

I got to see a first hand look at the equipment today while stopping in for lunch. Everything looks great back there.

tony notTony said...

Debs image on a bright tank, that is priceless. and True Indiana.

the idea that you have a "battery of tanks" that can't make war- that can only make beer- is awesome.

Doctor Tarr said...

Death to the fascists!

Browarzyciel said...

When you buy another tanks you can decorate them with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Or… why don’t you sing Isoroku Yamamoto with subtitle Tora! Tora! Tora! Go back to school and learn some history!


The New Albanian said...

In which almost five years later, I am taken to task by a Polish brewer, because of course, Polish brewers have a monopoly on history. Browarzyciel, thanks for reading. I promise you that I have studied history, and that I'll continue to study history, and rather than bury history, I'll strive to keep it alive; only in this manner can new generations learn what the two of us already know.