Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Week in Review

By John Campbell

OK, OK. I get it. I am a lousy, inconsistent blogger and a poor substitute for the man himself. Please stop the harassing e-mails and personal messages to my social networking accounts (although I did like this one: "You were steady for a while last week, but nothing since Monday. What the fuck?"). Well, today turned out to be a "work" day, so I might as well keep up the momentum.

Here's what's been happening in Roger's absence:

In preparation for our impending beer distribution to corners far and wide, Gregg Rochman and I took a trip to meet New Albanian's potential Indiana distributor, World Class Beverage. Sitting down with Jim Schembre (the man behind the WCB mission) is always an educational experience and this session was not a disappointment. WCB seems to be a better choice than Indiana's other highly-reputed distributor, Cavalier, but it's only the second inning. Meanwhile, we've already selected River City (shown below) as our Louisville distributors.

River City's Ryan Burke and John Harris living large at last year's BBC/New Albanian Volksfest

Since we're on the subject of distribution and snotty messages to my personal accounts...No. I have not done away with Roger in order to take over the Potable Curmudgeon. I do not enjoy writing anymore (ok, I kinda do, but still, no).

I don't know how he maintains this blog in addition to his regular columns for the Tribune, LEO, and Food & Dining, and has time for the little things like, you know, building a brewery.

So, yes, he is enjoying a much needed vacation, but it doesn't mean he stops working. I have proof that he is alive, still writing, and working diligently for the cause. Here's the message I received from the Commandante this morning:


Yesterday I was introduced to Mikkel, i.e., the fellow behind Mikkeller
beers. He runs an off premise specialty beer shop with his brother in
downtown Copenhagen, has an importing company so that he can bring in the beers he wants, and also brews his own at various sites. You can look them
up on Rate Beer or Beer Advocate.

We sampled the Oatgoop he brewed at Three Floyds, and it was excellent.
While Kim and I were shopping the unbelievable selection, he took my
business card and googled NABC, emerging to ask when he could begin
selling Thunderfoot in Denmark.

I said as soon as we get it in giant cans, which thrilled him. So, we have
an account here as soon as we can supply it.

See, I told you they're 'working' trips.

NABC, soon to come to Louisvile, Indiana and Copenhagen.

And there you have it.

Also in last week's news, Destinations Booksellers, located just a block from the Bank Street Brewhouse, hosted a public poetry slam last Wednesday night with the Reservoir Dogwoods.

Everything else is plugging along nicely. David and Jesse have the giant, drive-in keg cooler fully assembled, brewery construction continues, Jared is brewing strong at the Plaza Drive location and just released Jenever, our light-bodied, summer rye. We blew through two kegs in the first two days. It is now on tap at both New Albanian locations and at The Windsor on Market and Bank in Downtown New Albany.

Bob Ostrander, founder of, (below) showed his fuzzy face at the Bank Street Brewhouse on Friday afternoon for a pint of Pheonix and some mussels before heading to the north side compound formerly known as Rich O's for the real throw down.

Saturday, I took the day off. I did, however, spend some time rummaging through photos of the Bank Street project. Here's one from this time last year:

Today, I spent the afternoon at the Capriole Farm pouring healthy samples of Community Dark and Elector during their annual open house. Capriole is the second most serene place in which I've been fortunate enough to spend an afternoon. Last year Roger, Diana, and I attended the event and dined on fine cheeses and salad greens picked that very morning. I was a bit sad to be going on my own this year, but an afternoon at Capriole isn't complete without a New Albanian Ale.

To my surprise, nearly the entire Bank Street Brewhouse staff showed up with brewer Jared (below) and Chef Josh. A great way to end another week as a New Albanian.

Be warned, Denmark. we're coming your way.


fabulous said...

Denmark? And not nearby Missouri?
I remember last year when you all took part in Schlafly's Repeal (later I visited your brewpub). Come down here. You'll be well received.

The New Albanian said...

Rest assured, we'll be there when we're able.