Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Life Out of Focus

By John Campbell

I recently bought a fancy new Nikon that I obviously don't know how to use. I was going to publish photos of the brewery installation last night, but immediately noticed a blur in my vision and - without Hoptimus - knew it must be a case of bad photography.

After some inner debate, I've decided to publish them anyway. Pretend you've had a pint or two of Hoptimus and you won't notice a thing.

Brewer Jesse Williams

the urban cyclist arrives

Brewer David Pierce behind the wheel

Lloyd directing traffic

One truck unloaded, one to go.

the Donut Man can

Left to right: Gregg Rochman, Jared Williamson, Jesse Williams, and Artist-In-Residence Anthony Beard

Don't look so mad, I'm not the one eyeing your donut!

one tank to go

the brewers riding the last one home

the coach enjoys a cigar from the sidelines

what has two thumbs and loves brewing?

These machines kill fascists.

Dave explains how to get it up.

Nate showed up for the heavy lifting.

a job well done, more to come...

Colleen gave me a crash course in photography this morning. She adjusted my settings and showed me the wonderful world of Auto Focus.

If future photos appear out of focus it will be because of Hoptimus.


The Homeroaster said...

I absolutely love stainless steel. I can't wait to see these puppies unwrapped and happily bubbling away.
It's also nice to see Pierce on board, even if he isn't sharing his donut.

David said...

This was my 26th brewery installation and it appeared for a minute it was to be the first without doughnuts. Gregg came through with two boxes!

We jockeyed the equipment into position today and installed 90% of the brewhouse piping. Stop by during the day if you'd like some up close love from the newest member of the Louisville brewing community.

Jim and Debbie said...

So when does the brewing begin?

David said...

Not soon enough. We hope to start brewing in late June. Lots of heating/cooling systems and malt handling to install.