Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Propagator and the Propaganda - Viva Che!

By John Campbell

Day 3 of the brewery installation. Come in for a beer and watch it come together, that's why we made the walls out of glass, ya know.

David and Jesse connecting Che, the yeast propagator:

David and the Brewhouse:

The Stormtroopers:

Meanwhile, Josh is creating edible art, Nasty is holding up the bar, the forklift door has been installed in the new malt room, and Dave and Jesse continue piecing together the future...

"We must spread our principles, not with words but with deeds, for this is the most popular, the most potent, and the most irresistible form of propaganda." - Mikhail Bakunin

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Rick said...

I think an inaugural batch of Thunderfoot is in order.