Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another new downtown New Albany beginning: Connor’s Place.

I had intended to cross-post this piece when it first appeared at my NA Confidential blog on March 3, but it somehow slipped through the cracks. Interior remodeling is well along the way, and soon I'll have photos. There'll be at least two NABC beers on tap out of a total of six.

Former Bistro New Albany partner Dave Himmel tells NA Confidential that his new downtown eatery and watering hole, to be called Connor’s Place – named in honor of his infant son – has a projected opening date of May 1.

Connor’s Place will occupy ground floor space in the historic building that most readers know as the old Maytag Laundry, located adjacent to the Parthenon at 207 E. Main Street. Both buildings are owned by Third Century Services.

Interior remodeling has begun, and part of the lease package is an atmospheric back bar once housed around the corner at the New Albany Inn – now the Bistro New Albany.

Precise details are of course uncertain at this early date, but Dave tells us that he will be acquiring a three-way alcohol sales permit under the auspices of the riverfront development district, and the barroom itself will be on the right side (looking from the front) and separate from a dining area on the left. There is a roomy and shady patio to the rear, which will be accessible from the dining area.

Tentatively, Dave plans a full and varied lunch menu with pub grub in the evenings, and six beers on tap in addition to wine and liquor. He views the warm and historic ambience of the interior as appealing both to non-drinking diners and sports viewers seeking refreshment during prime events.

Connor’s Place stands to occupy another important niche in the growing portfolio of downtown New Albany’s expanding dining, drinking and entertainment options, which include the recently opened Treet’s Bakery Café and the forthcoming Speakeasy on State Street.

These are precisely the sort of developments that attract precisely the sort of people who are needed to fuel and sustain a renaissance, itself something that no longer can be doubted. NA Confidential will continue to chart these trends, and as we do, lift a Progressive Pint to Dave Himmel and these other pioneers downtown, and please support them with your patronage.

Photo credit: Building view courtesy of Third Century Services.

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