Friday, April 06, 2007

Another Gravity Head review hits the Web.

Matt Dunn waxes poetic about this year's Gravity Head at New Albanian.

Some worts swallow light like a black hole. Others gather glasses and brewing implements in a clatter of near-wort orbit. It's hazardous for the brewer. Some get sucked right in. They have to wear special anti-gravity boots. And even then, well, even then it might be safer to stand on the deck of an Alaskan crab boat in a storm.

While you're at Indiana Beer to read Matt's fine piece, take a look around. Note that the ranks of Southern Indiana brewers is increasing, and don't miss Bob's roundup of the recent distilling conference in nearby Starlight:

The Columbus Bar (Power House Brewing).

Bob reports from the American Distilling Instute Conference.

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