Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 7, 1933.

There’s an important date on the horizon. Read more about it in my article this week for the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO):

Mug Shots: Good beer isn’t hard to find.

Chances are you didn’t know that in 1933, as the cherished day of Repeal drew ever nearer, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt persuaded Congress to alter the detested Volstead Act and permit low gravity beer to be consumed by a grateful public. It would be another eight months before wine and liquor joined the queue … The date was April 7, 1933, and 74 years later, this important “Brew Years Eve” anniversary of beer’s liberation will be celebrated by America’s resurgent craft breweries.

1 comment:

antzman said...

Roger, your editor at LEO must have cut the ending sentance to your article.... I believe it should have read "Good beer isn't hard to find... at Keg Liquors!"

They should know better than to limit your creative license like that. I'll just assume that it wasn't a personal slight, and that you had crept over the puny character limit they impose on your article.