Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tish Dean is our new World Class Beverages sales rep.

If you are a resident beer aficionado in Southern Indiana, by which I mean east of New Albany toward Madison and points beyond, and west to Evansville and perhaps even New Harmony, the state’s largest wholesaler of craft beers and imports has very good news for you.

Our part of the state now has a World Class Beverages sales rep whose exclusive job it is to work the Southern Indiana territory, which quite frankly (and WCB would agree) has been neglected in the past.

Her name is Tish Dean, and we’ve known her for years around NABC, Rich O’s and Sportstime. We finally had a chance to touch base in a professional capacity yesterday, and I’m confident in saying that her arrival bodes well for the expansion of good beer availability in our neck of the woods.

The reason? In the past, accounts like my pub and Todd (Keg Liquors) Antz’s certainly have been serviced by WCB, and often quite well, but never by a full-time sales rep who wasn’t spending much of his or her available time in other markets (Bloomington, et al). Or, as has been the case recently, we’ve worked with someone in the office (the inimitable Bob Mack) who is right on target with our needs, but again, has other jobs to do and no time to expand the company’s mandate.

Tish’s responsibility will be to expand the presence of craft beer and imports in locales and establishments that previously had no one to do business with directly. She reports that in her brief travels around the area to date, many bar and package store owners are expressing interest in the idea of broadening the selection. They simply require appropriate information and personal attention of the sort that only a full-time rep can provide to people who don’t come into the game with their own self-motivated good beer skill sets.

Down here in Hickland, the rising tide will be lifting all our boats for years to come, so good luck to Tish – I think it’s going to be a revelatory experience for all of us.

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