Thursday, March 15, 2007

Your Gravity Head dollars at work.

(For a current Gravity Head 2007 lineup update, go here)

In the grand tradition of undercapitalized small businesses, we’ve taken last weekend’s Gravity Madness earnings and ploughed some of them back into infrastructure, meaning that Sportstime patrons now have two new flat-screen televisions for March Madness basketball viewing.

Don’t look for this feat to be repeated in the Public House, which will remain sanctified, holy and boob-tube-free, although plans are afoot to enable audio-visual capability in the Prost special events and banquet room.


Rob said...

Yes, but are they showing High-Def content?

The New Albanian said...

Beats me. They're big, though, and during Gravity Head, high can go low faster than you can drain a Barley Wine.

Rob said...

Ah. Good point. I'll have to check 'em out soon. I've been away too long.

barenada said...

For your next spending binge, I'd like to suggest doing something about that broken urinal.