Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gravity Head 2007 #17: And you thought the 2000 Presidential election was close.

At the conclusion of the Gravity Head 2007 fan’s selection vote at 12:00 noon today, three beers were tied for the top spot, forcing the NABC’s impromptu “Elector Collage” into frenzied action, scouring the previously secret texts of the Freemasons and Illuminati for mystical procedures and ritualistic private dunkings of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in specially prepared vats of black coffe, and culminating in the decision to record the names on three sheets of weathered parchment, throwing them into the Senegalese skull cap once worn by bat patron Lee Cotner, and asking an unidentified Sportstime lunch customer to draw one out.

And the winner is: Ettaler Curator Doppelbock (9% abv)

The other two finalists were Avery “The Maharaja” Imperial India Pale Ale (9.9% abv) and Bell's Expedition Stout (keg; 11.5% abv).

Both the above will be coming soon. The Avery has been queued behind Bell's Hopslam Double IPA (9.5% abv), and don’t forget that next Saturday (March 17), the firkin of Bell's Expedition Stout (11.5%) will be on tap for St. Patrick’s Day. Now I must return to my least favorite part of Gravity Head: Pricing. I’d like to give them away … but my accountant won’t let me.

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antzman said...

Hopefully no voters from Florida were involved with this one.