Saturday, March 24, 2007

Review: "Decompressing after Gravity Head orbit."

Tennessean Jim Gore provides this account of his Gravity Head journey. I’m grateful to those who come from so far away to indulge in Gravity Madness – in addition to Jim and his gang, thus far in 2007 we’ve served visitors from Cleveland, Dayton and Cincinnati OH, Baltimore MD and North Carolina. It's always great to see all of you.

Decompressing after Gravity Head Orbit, by Jim Gore.

It always takes a while upon returning from Gravity Head to recover, reflect, and gain a point of reference that one trusts. While in the ecstatic throes of the proceedings, the brews come so fast and furious that they have a tendency to blur a bit at the point of contact. Couple this with a rather smallish pub crammed with interesting people and conversations that seem to ebb and flow as quickly as a kaleidescope, and it can all be a bit disorienting. That is why I have chosen to allow a couple of days of normalcy to separate the actual event from this modest recounting of it.

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