Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gravity Head 2007 Schedule: 30 Days of Gravity Madness.

It’s almost time again for our annual foray into the hysteria otherwise known as Gravity Head, and this year I’m far enough ahead of the game to note the following special events and noteworthy appearances that will occur on fixed dates during amok time.

Go here for information on the starting Gravity Head lineup and fan voting.

Friday, March 9: Opening Night.
As was the case in 2006, members of the FOSSILS and LAGERS homebrewing/beer appreciation clubs will enjoy preferred seating in our Prost banquet room beginning at 5:00 p.m. Cask-conditioned BBC Beer Company (Main & Clay) Dank IPA will be on the hand pull for opening night.

Saturday, March 10: Buckeye Convergence.
Every year we look forward to the arrival of Pat’s and Larry’s Daytonians, who’ve been joined in the past by other Ohio delegations as well as FOSSILS and LAGERS members who never made it home the previous evening. Once again this year, Prost will be their gathering spot. I’ll get your tickets started, and then Reva and Richard will return as your servers. As always, I’ve saved the pin of JW Lees Vintage Harvest Ale (Lagavulin Scotch barrel aged; 2005) for tapping on Saturday to fuel the visiting Buckeyes.

March 15-18: First and second rounds of the 2007 NCAA basketball tournament.
In honor of our those customers who’ve yet to graduate to the superior brand of roundball played in the NBA, we’ve actually invested in (gasp) a flat screen television for installation at Sportstime Pizza. The Public House shall remain pristine, however.

Saturday, March 17: St. Patrick’s Day.
Wearing of the green is one thing, but drinking it is something else entirely, and not at all explicable. Ingesting green-tinted swill is tantamount to wearing a badge that reads, “I’m neither Irish nor particularly bright – scoff at me.” If you’ve ever actually been to Ireland, you know that the accepted colors of Irish beer are black, red and gold, and in our traditionally minimalist fashion, we’ll be offering one keg of each (two Gravity Head listed selections, and one not) while shunning other, more egregious forms of Hibernian revelry.

Bell's Expedition Stout (hand-pull; firkin; 11.5% abv)
Upland Ard-Ri Imperial Irish-style Red Ale (9% abv)
Rogue Kell’s Irish Lager (circa 5% abv).

March 22-25: Regionals of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Saturday, March 24: Schlafly Brewing Company.
The makers of the best beer brewed in St. Louis will again set up shop in Prost for an evening with Schlafly. Program details are being discussed, but brewery owner Tom Schlafly still might come to discuss and sell copies of his book, “A New Religion in Mecca: Memoir of a Renegade Brewer in St. Louis.” Yea or nay, we’ll be tapping the Gravity Head-listed keg of Schlafly Reserve Oak-Aged Barley Wine.

March 30, 31 & April 2: Final Four and Championship of NCAA basketball.

Saturday, April 7: FOSSILS and NABC Welcome BarrelHouse Brewing.
Formerly a brewpub in the Over-the-Rhine district, now reinvented as a microbrewery, BarrelHouse has survived Cincy’s considerable micro-vicissitudes. FOSSILS will be meeting in Prost with BarrelHouse as special guests, and after the meeting, everyone’s invited to join in to sample BH’s lineup, especially the Gravity Head-listed BarrelHouse Belgian Style Winter Ale.

I’m worn out just typing it. Time for a beer.

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