Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More entries in the "Mug Shots" archive.

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Here's the current archive for my 300-word mini-columns in the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO). The next four have been submitted: April 4's topic is the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition; April 18 (pre-Thunder Over Louisville) contrasts the clamor of Thunder with the bygone, quiet tact of Kentucky Kommon beer; and May 2 (pre-Derby) offers a consideration of Louisville's five fine breweries.

On May 16, the second Ohio River Valley Folk Festival (May 18 & 19) along the Ohio River in downtown Madison, Indiana, will be previewed.

Mug Shots: Don’t judge Belgium by its Stella
(March 21, 2007)

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(March 7, 2007)

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(February 20, 2007)

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(February 6, 2007)

Mug Shots: Beer list should equal wine list
(January 23, 2007)

Mug Shots: A beer by any other name
(January 9, 2007)

Mug Shots: New year, new beer
(December 26, 2006)

From Beer to Eternity: Merry Christmas Ale
(December 12, 2006)


Smoky Mountain Hop Devil said...

Rog, your disdain for the dummying-down of the American beer market by the Big Three is shared here. It's heartbreaking to know that forty years of slickly marketed swill have robbed the masses-at-large of any concept of "good beer". That said, I'd be interested to get your personal take on Anheuser-Busch's "new" line of seasonal offerings. Obviously, A-B has paid attention to Sam Adams' growing market share, and is only flexing its brewing muscles in order to offer some token resistance. I have found a couple to be pretty bad, most to be very passable, and a few to actually be excellent. Have you tried any? If so, what's your evaluation of the product and the program? If you haven't, do you intend to?

smoosh said...

Roger - just catching up on reading your LEO entries. I found the "Bulk Up Better Beer Lists" one interesting. It never ceases to amaze that beer is still so looked down upon and neglected in the "good food" restaraunts. They almost make you feel inferior for even asking about their beer list.

It also surpises that so many bars are still not offering at least one decent brew on draft. It gets to the point that you would think as many folks never return to such places because there is no quality selection as there are ones that never return to Rich O's because they cannot get B/M/C.

P.S. - man those articles are short! At the point that I'm normally just settling into one of your articles, it is over!