Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Extreme Belgian is in the books.

Pictured above are more pours of draft Urthel Hop-It at one sitting than Louisville's ever seen, much less New Albany. They were among the ales and kindred spirit (and chef) Clancy's delectable cuisine at Monday's Extreme Belgian beer dinner at Bistro New Albany.

Apologies for not having the camera primed for capturing a view of rabbit, and note that barrel-conditioned, Belgian-style Scotch ale (Allagash Musette) does go very well with chocolate tart. Thanks to all in attendance, and next up is out projected "Best of Communism" May Day beer, wine and Tokaj dinner.

I'm not joking, comrade.

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antzman said...


Congratulations to you and Chef Clancy. This was a top notch event that was very well organized and conceived. The pairings of food and beer were excellent (especially the surprising combination of Musette Scotch Ale and chocolate tart) and tasting the Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek was well worth the trouble and the anticipation of its timely arrival for the event.



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PS, now on to Gravity Head!