Saturday, May 14, 2016

(4 of 4) 18th Street's Sex and Candy: "Your Sexism is Predictable and Boring, 18th Street Brewery."

This is where it comes full circle, with three posts at the MetaCookBook blog. These are self-explanatory, and more incisive than I ever could be. Read them.

My aim at present is to offer the background, not a  deep examination of my own viewpoint on this topic, though to read here and here is to understand where I come down.

My hesitance to leap into this fray owes not to timidity, but doubts about my relevance. I've been out of the loop, and I'm still adjusting from being someone in the brewery game to being outside it, now just a regular consumer like everyone else. It can be disorienting.

I'll have something to say, but not yet. First: Read these blog posts.

Your Sexism is Predictable and Boring, 18th Street Brewery.

My friend Lakeline just watched a brewery she liked take a critique of a sexually objectifying label they have very poorly. She had some words on it, and I offered to share those words here. I have my own thoughts on the topic, but I haven’t been able to put them down yet. For now, know I agree with every word she’s written below. — Natasha

Then ...

No, Seriously. 18th Street Brewery’s Response Was Utterly Predictable.

The most recent post on this blog is a guest post regarding 18th Street Brewery’s sexism. As the guest didn’t have a title, I titled it, “Your Sexism is Predictable and Boring, 18th Street Brewery.” And this is my take on the matter: 18th Street Brewery’s sexist response was utterly predictable.

Drew Fox (the founder & head brewer of 18th Street Brewery) has shown us before what he thinks of women. He’ll tell a woman raising concerns about the industry to “back the fuck off” and engage in policing what women and girls wear to try to derail the conversation at hand.

Then ...

Further Reading: Some Links on Sexism and Beer

One of my goals for blogging is to have an interesting link post every Monday morning. I didn’t manage that this past Monday because my day was spent really writing and polishing my post on beer and predictable sexism. It’s one of my best posts, I think, and very important.

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