Friday, May 27, 2016

Bud Light Lime in Louisville, but in Cleveland, "Progressive Field keeps turning into a cavernous culinary and craft-beer mecca."

There was a time when each new season of Triple A baseball at Louisville Slugger Field would inspire me to dizzying heights of venom, as I'd delightedly denounce Bats management for its enduring white-bread Philistinism in a world -- in a city -- filled with genuine choice.

I can no longer muster the enthusiasm. We didn't attend a game last year, and this year isn't looking much better. It's a beautiful facility built with public money that actively practices anti-localism in concessions, and it simply no longer interests me to hand my money to people who have so little understanding of the working world I inhabited for a quarter-century.

In August, we'll be in Cleveland, Ohio. There's an Indians game that night, and while it's an apples-to-oranges comparison, it's clear the Indians "get it" in a way the Bats have never shown. It's evident that we'd be compelled to remove and rewrite genetic code for this to change.

Now, if someone were to give me tickets to a Bats game ...

Progressive Field adds Fat Head's, The Brew Kettle, Momocho, Dante Boccuzzi pizza, by Marc Bona (

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Progressive Field keeps turning into a cavernous culinary and craft-beer mecca: The Cleveland Indians on Tuesday announced the additions of Dante Boccuzzi pizza and Momocho restaurants along with beers and food from Fat Head's and The Brew Kettle. And Great Lakes Brewing Co. – which began offering food last year – will have an added beer garden.

No matter where fans sit in the stadium, they will be close to a variety of food and drink options that go well beyond a simple hot dog and traditional lager.


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