Saturday, May 07, 2016

"Binny's expansion to Indiana thwarted by state liquor law changes."

My friend and former employee Richard Atnip, now serving at New Holland, sent me this link and asked me what I think. Honestly, I think laws aimed at thwarting out-of-state retailers ultimately are indefensible and will be smacked down like a herniated pinata in a court case.

But I'm not a legal scholar. I merely pretend to be one while propped somewhat aloft at the bar(top).

Binny's expansion to Indiana thwarted by state liquor law changes, by Greg Trotter (Chicago Tribune)

Binny's Beverage Depot was poised to swoop in and open at least four stores in Indiana, where, in the words of CEO Michael Binstein, competitors are "fat, happy and lazy."

It would have been the first out-of-state expansion for Chicago's largest liquor store chain.

But those plans are on hold indefinitely after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence last month signed laws, backed by a powerful liquor store lobby, making it much harder for out-of-state liquor retailers to come in and set up shop.

"The retailers and their lobbyists amassed at the border to keep us out," Binstein said. "Indiana's is a free lunch system, not a free enterprise system."


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