Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Read about Goodwood Brewing and Ballotin Whiskey in the current issue of Food and Dining Magazine.

The latest issue of Food & Dining is on the street, as I speak. Click through to the preview and compendium of articles, then follow the links to issuu.

Food & Dining -- Summer 2016, Vol. 52 (May/June/July) 

I have two bylines in the current edition.

Hip Hops: Goodwood Brewing Co. — Goodwood Brewing Co. stakes its future on barrel-aged and wood-seasoned craft beers — without splinters.

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey — Roger Baylor learns that the basis for four chocolate-flavored whiskeys is a spectrum of natural whiskey flavors.

Both assignments were a blast, especially when bartender extraordinaire Stephen Dennison introduced me to Ballotin -- though any chance to enjoy a Goodwood Louisville Lager is appreciated, too.


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