Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There's Greg Koch of Stone, telling it like it is ... again.

If I'm a crank ...

Craft Beer is dead. Long live Indie Beer. It's about "supporting local small business rather than a global entity."

 ... best tell it to Greg Koch, too.

Stone Brewing just says no to 'Big Beer', by Greg Koch (San Diego Union Tribune)

... Truth is, we live in a complex world. As consumers, it’s exhausting to know which brands are truly independent, authentic; did or didn’t sell out. When a craft brewer sells out to Big Beer, not only are they handing over control of their company’s future (irrespective of the requisite “We’re Not Changing Anything” press release), their brand is transformed overnight from being a positive force for growing the craft segment into a tool fighting against the brewers who choose to remain solely dedicated to the craft category.

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