Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Your Gravity Head 2016 Opening Lineup."

Force of habit, folks: The full list is here. The event page at Fb is here. I've seen no mention of a fan vote for 2016, and so I'm guessing it was discontinued.

At NA Confidential, my ON THE AVENUES column this week is about Gravity Head 2016: Gravity Head again, because times change, and possessive pronouns change with them.

"Your Gravity Head 2016 Opening Lineup."

Stone Brewing Company:

IRS (2013)
Old Guardian (2013)
W00T Stout (2015)
Mutt Brown
Espresso IRS (2013)
Xocoveza *NITRO* (2015)
Barrel Aged Brown Ale w/ Sour Cherries
Red Wine Barrel Aged Quadrotriticale


North Coast Old Stock (2013)
Great Divide Chocolate Yeti (2014)
Dogfish 120 Minute
Rogue XS Old Crustacean (2013)

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