Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All things considered, it is NOT your grandfather's Sterling.

The usual disclaimer applies: One's taste in beer is highly subjective.

This fact duly noted, and as reflected by Sterling's 1970s and 80s incarnations, I formerly found it ... shall we say ... not to my liking. Before I was legal age, my heart would sink when those charged with procuring beer produced a case Sterling.

It's an understatement to suggest that times change, and thankfully so.

I've tasted the most recent version of Sterling, and found it a pleasing, mild Pilsner. That's fair enough, and although I retain suspicion of "heritage" brands, I'm entirely sincere in wishing the current owners of Sterling's identity all the best as they seek to re-establish the brand and open a dispensary and taproom in Louisville.

I'm left to ponder a question that probably can't be answered. What did Sterling taste like in its prime, before being cheapened and profaned in the usual post-war fashion, leaving it a bad taste in the memories of older folks like me?

What would it have been prior to Prohibition? Granted, numerous Pre-Prohibition Pilsners are being brewed these days, but even if one resolved to do the legwork and research, and actually make this style the model for a revival like Sterling's, isn't it true that it wouldn't succeed?

I'd love it, but no one else would. Perhaps my suspicions would be better turned inward.

Sterling Beer owners have confidence in future of ‘heritage’ brand, by Kevin Gibson (Insider Louisville)

Todd Jackson is the first to admit he’s still finding his way in the beer business. After buying the more than century-old Sterling brand with his brother Ken in 2012, he’s had three different brewing partners and a packaging concept that was well received but ill-fated.

But Sterling has high hopes for a bright future. Recently, it was reported that the Sterling owners and its investor group, Louisville Sterling LLC, had a contract to purchase a pair of currently empty buildings in the Highlands at 1300 and 1306 Bardstown Road, with the intent to open a taphouse and brewery operation.

Sterling web site ... can we have another discussion about age verification on beer sites?


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