Tuesday, February 09, 2016

NABC's Gravity Head 2016: The full lineup is here.

The 18th edition of NABC's annual bacchanal is the first without any involvement on my part, and no, the ballyhooed buyout's not yet final. As previously noted, I've turned my attention to Session.

However, I've never had any doubts that Eric, Aaron, Sarah, Ben (the honor roll goes on and on) are perfectly capable of rocking Gravity Head.

I do NOT know if there are plans to continue the Gravity Head Sunday event at Bank Street Brewhouse, or whether there'll be a fan vote, or if someone will count down the casualties as in the past.

Eric has properly exercised restraint in front-loading the list, as part of a long-term plan we discussed to cut down the number of listed kegs and not run into June any longer. He told me there might be some surprise releases along the way.

There is a Facebook event page with a complete list, but since not everyone does Facebook, I'm repeating it below. First, the introduction, then the list.


Our annual high gravity beer festival returns in 2016 with a myriad selection! Join us in the revelry as we cut a swath through some of the best beers availible.

Opening ceremonies and our tailgate breakfast start at 7am, Friday, Feb. 26th. Opening weekend's featured brewery is the venerable Stone Brewing! Beers can go quickly so plan accordingly.

Check this space for beer line-ups and updates as the great beast lumbers ever closer.

NABC always encourages our guests to be responible with their transportation to and from Gravity Head. Be smart and plan ahead!

Full 2016 Gravity Line-up by style:

14B. Scottish Heavy
Dark Horse Scotty Karate (2013) 9.75%

17B. Old Ale
Bell's Third Coast Old Ale (2014) 10.2%
Founders Curmudgeon 9.8%
North Coast Old Stock Ale (2013) 11.8%

20C. Imperial Stout
Dark Horse Plead the Fifth (2014) 11.0%
Founders Imperial Stout (2012) 10.5%
Smuttynose Imperial Stout (2014) 10.5%
Three Floyds Blot out the Sun (2014) 10.4%
Tin Man Csar 12.0%
Two Brothers Northwind (2014) 9.1%
Upland Teddy Bear Kisses (2014) 10.2%

21B. Specialty IPA
New Albanian Hard Core Gore (2015) 8.5%

22A. Double IPA
Bell's Hopslam 10.0%
Dogfish 120 Minute IPA 18.0%
Founders Devil Dancer 12.0%

22B. American Strong Ale
Stone Double Bastard (2014) 11.0%

22C. American Barleywine
Dogfish Olde School 15.4%
North Coast Class of '88 10.0%
Rogue XS Old Crustacean (2013) 11.5%
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (2011) 9.6%
Three Floyds/Mikkeller Majsgoop 10.00%

29A. Fruit Beer
Founders Blushing Monk 9.2%

30A. Spiced Beer
Founders Breakfast Stout (2013) 8.3%
Rivertown Death 11.7%

33A. Wood Aged Beer
Bloomington Brewing Barrel - Aged Ol' Floyd's (2014) 8.7%
Founders Backwoods Bastard 11.6%
Founders KBS 11.2%
Great Divide Chocolate Oak - Aged Yeti (2014) 9.5%
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale - (Calavados Cask) (2011) 11.5%
New Albanian Grape Expectations 9.5%
New Albanian Oaktimus 10.7%
New Albanian Oak King 9.3%
New Holland Dragon's Milk (2014) 10.0%
Sun King Barrel Aged Timmie 10.00%
Sun King Whip Fight 9.0%
Upland Barrel Chested Barleywine 9.5%

34C. Experimental Beer
Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale - Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top 11.5%

00. Stone Brewing - Style Unto Itself
Stone 2013 IRS 10.6%
Stone 2013 Old Guardian 11.0%
Stone 2015 Farking Wheaton w00t Stout 13.0%
Stone Mutt Brown 9.0%
Stone 2013 Espresso IRS 11.0%
Stone 2015 Stone Xocovesa Nitro 8.1%
Stone Barrel Aged Brown Ale -
w/Balaton Sour Cherries 8.1%
Stone Stochasticity Project - Quadrotriticale Aged in Red Wine Barrels 9.8%


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