Sunday, February 28, 2016

Diary: Saturday's notes of brown, whiskey infusions, escargot and peanut butter pie.

Saturday was warm and sunny, and we were getting ready to go on a walk in New Albany when our Dayton friends texted and said they'd be at Against the Grain at eleven. We shrugged, jumped in the car and beat them there.

They had other visitors with them, all headed eventually to NABC for Gravity Head. Most of them ordered samplers, and I was struck by the number of small glasses on the table (above). It looked almost like a scene from Gravity Head.

I had a 4:00 p.m. appointment with Stephen Dennison at his place of work, Bistro 1860 on Mellwood Avenue. We parked the car there and went for a walk up Frankfort Avenue, returning in time to meet Stephen. To make a long story short, I'm doing a short piece for Food & Dining Magazine about Ballotin chocolate-flavored whiskey, and Stephen agreed to devise a few cocktails, in addition to allowing me to sample the four types with his commentary as accompaniment.


When conversation turned to a better martini, the evening began slipping away from me. I'm mighty glad Diana was there to be the designated driver. Serendipity shifted into gear; eventually two couples we hadn't seen in ages arrived, and the relaxed socialization time at the bar embraced appetizers, white wine and conversation. At 7:300 p.m., Diana walked me to Sweet Surrender for fresh air and dessert. I needed the stroll.

Both Friday and Saturday were fantastic. I had resolved not to attend Gravity Head this year, far less so from pique at the slowness of my ongoing negotiation with partners; rather, it struck me as better to stay away from it and let staff do what I know they can. By all accounts they rocked it, as usual. I'm delighted to have had a hand in creating something like Gravity Head, and the hand-off is complete. What happens in the future is up to them. So it goes.

At the same time, two days' worth of distractions were nice, and there were friends, food, drinks and fun. I needed it. There are many miles ahead, with frequent detours for rancor and lawyers. But I'll not be forgetting the finer things in life.

Thanks to everyone who indulged me these past two days.


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