Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow days and those difficult "close/delay" calls.

My neighbor Austin helped out when it snowed earlier this week. He shovels; I drink.

It's snowing in metro Louisville. The accumulation isn't tremendous, just enough to throw into turmoil a vicinity that never has and never will be prepared for it.

I'm no longer in a position to make these "bad weather" calls, and yet I was please to see these words from a restaurant manager on social media earlier today.

If you're a restaurant owner/manager who remained open through this afternoon's weather because "the city needs you," then you need to "get over yourself." I've been on both sides of this decision, but I think this morning is a definite no-brainer.

It's tough, especially on Friday, when you know you'll be making bank -- except with snow, it wouldn't be an ordinary Friday, anyway. A couple of points are worth remembering.

First, that there'll probably be better volume for a few days after roads return to normal. People will compensate for interruptions to their routines.

Second, you can't fall into the trap of thinking that one or two abnormal days will make or break you. There are many days in a year. You need to think about the little things you can do during each one of them to improve business.

Forget the exceptions. Concentrate on the rules. I have two growlers in the fridge, anyway -- and a shitload of gin.


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