Thursday, January 07, 2016

Gravity Head 2016 begins at NABC on February 26.

Yes, dear reader, there'll be a Gravity Head bacchanal in 2016.

The date is Friday, February 26. It will be the 18th edition of the festival, dating back to 1999, and the headliner for opening day 2016 is Stone Brewing Company.

That's all I know.

I remain an NABC owner, but am no longer involved with the company on a daily basis. Usually I begin organizing the propaganda effort in December, and have the program well under way by now. It feels strange not to be doing it.

Be reassured, gravity devotees: Eric Gray has been doing the Gravity Head beer purchasing for many years now, and the selection will be as good as it always has been.

So will the rest of it. Tony Beard's artwork will be superior, and my guess is that most elements of Gravity Head will be retained -- the fan vote, tailgate breakfast, first weekend brunch at BSB, Founders/Flat12/NABC tap takeover, Session Head closing event, and the like.

But I don't know for sure. When they tell me, I'll tell you.

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