Friday, January 29, 2016

Germantown Craft House's buildout: "Upgrading a major eyesore along Goss Avenue."

Photo credit: Broken Sidewalk.

The story behind the first (Crescent Hill) Craft House is here.

The PC: "A True Local Approach ... Kentucky Beer and Food Take Center Stage at Crescent Hill Craft House."

Echoing a link earlier this month about "craft" brewing's record of adaptive reuse in buildings, Branden Klayko offers a detailed explanation of what the Germantown Craft House restaurant and multi-tap will be doing to integrate an otherwise undistinguished 1980s-era cookiecutter suburban structure into the streetscape.

Like I'm fond of saying, brewing's about more than just beer.

Ignoring the street for 30 years, this ’80s building will soon be a beautiful local beer bar on Goss Avenue, by Branden Klayko (Broken Sidewalk)

Besides upgrading a major eyesore along Goss Avenue, the Germantown Craft House renovation shows that it’s possible to adapt anti-urban architecture to respect the street and become an engaging part of the built environment. Where else around town could benefit from such a rehab?


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