Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Updates on RiverRoots in Madison, Indiana, on May 16 and 17.

Once again, NABC will be vending beer at Madison's RiverRoots music and folk arts festival (May 16 & 17). Details are at NABC's web site; follow the links below. Note that in 2014, there'll be a sprinkling of beer-themed events in Madison during the week prior to the festival, including the pre-party:

BoneYard Grill, NABC & the Tillers: RiverRoots pre-party in Madison on May 15

As for the festival itself, I've grown very fond of it even if we seldom hear any music while working. Don Clapham, Nick Ellis and their better-beer-loving friends in Madison continue to fight the good fight with respect to the Indiana-brewed localism at RiverRoots. After eight years, you'd assume that the folk/craft branding is solid, but of course there always will be those advocating mass-market sponsorship lucre.

Don and Nick always make a patient case, and the sales figures bear them out. In 2014, the Brewers of Indiana Guild is helping sponsor the craft beer tent at RiverRoots, where for two days, a wonderful selection of Indiana-brewed beers from NABC, Upland, Sun King, Power House and Great Crescent will be available to fest goers.

May 16 & 17 is RiverRoots 2014 in Madison IN, with music, folk arts and Indiana craft beer

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