Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"The effort it takes to start a brewery is really hellish."

Hoperatives get my vote for best April Fool's gag this year, even if I'd been tipped off in advance and was looking for it.

Verily, the best such "fool" jokes are the ones that possess enough plausibility to disorient, and considering craft beer's lengthy (and growing) laundry list of excess, a satanist brewing business plan might not even merit a second glance. In a world of beard beers, satire may become an endangered species.

Good one, guys.

Area Satanists Plan Craft Brewery

Beelzebub Brewery
Proposed Branding
Encouraged by the historical success of religious orders brewing beer, a Northern Kentucky Satanist congregation is planning to open a craft brewery to support its outreach missions. The Second Primitive Church of Satan (Reformed) in Campbell County has begun the permitting process with State and Federal officials. Beelzebub Brewing Company expects to release its first beers to the public later this calendar year.

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