Thursday, April 03, 2014

Diary: It makes you about as personable as Ahab, too.

Today's witticism credits go to Todd Antz of Keg Liquors. First, to set the stage, here is the Facebook discussion starter from TS:

I know some of you, like myself, have been "beer geeks" for quite some time. It's been really fun watching the growth and popularity of craft beer rise, but don't you sometime long for those days that you could just go buy ... any super delicious beer right off the shelf without having to "chase" it? I know I do. It honestly has gotten to where it pisses me off and it's sort of taken the fun out of it for me. I rarely do it anymore. I'm not buying KBS this year. I'll have my annual 2 glasses of it at Boombozz on Oaks morning and be done with it (thank you, Michael Beckmann). So, to all of you that want it, you're welcome. There are now a few more bottles out there for you to get. And thanks for letting me rant.

There ensued many comments, quite a few of which predictably skipped over shared concepts of irony to exchange notes on chasing and hoarding rare beers, or better yet, replied that while the ranter's point made perfect sense, of course it doesn't apply to me.

Todd subsequently provided what would be the conversation closer in civilized circles, with this brilliant observation:

Moby Dick should be required reading for anyone interested in craft beers.

It's a measure of my present jaundice that I'm quite sure someone is going to ask the inevitable question: Which brewery does Moby Dick own, and where can we get his beers?

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