Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Houndmouth, Boomtown and a crazy day planned for May 25.

On Memorial Day weekend, there'll be a sizeable street party in downtown New Albany on Sunday, May 25. It's being called Boomtown Ball, and it's being viewed as a homecoming of sorts for the band called Houndmouth, to which New Albany has proudly laid claim in an expression of civic pride seldom witnessed hereabouts, apart from when the high school Bulldogs make a basketball tourney run.

Houndmouth will be playing a sold-out show at The Grand on Sunday night. Before that, there'll be a beer garden superimposed on the farmers market at the corner of Market and Bank, running from about 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Production Simple is booking bands to perform on an outdoor stage. The Flea Off market will be spread out within the beer garden, and many downtown shops will be open nearby.

Obviously, my company's direct interest in this event is selling lots of Houndmouth Ale -- inside The Grand on Sunday night, outside during the day, and throughout the week preceding Boomtown, when we'll be trying to have Houndmouth on tap at numerous New Albany establishments.

On the 25th, handling the beer, wine and spirits vending inside the temporary Boomtown area will be a cooperative made up of several local establishments: NABC, Irish Exit, Feast BBQ, JR's/502 Winery, among others. Of course, other downtown hospitality purveyors are located only a short walk away (Mojitos at Habana Blues, anyone?) A percentage of the Boomtown bar's combined business will become seed money for our New Albany Food & Drink Association, a project about to blossom, and one we're all quite excited to see arrive.

It can be hard to explain the Byzantine state licensing required of such events, and I've tried to do so during the course of publicizing Boomtown. It comes down to this: If you're 21 years of age and can prove it, you can drink alcoholic beverages inside the temporary area or outside it ... but you cannot carry them in and out.

Below are links to further information. It should suffice to say that Boomtown will be a big crowd with plenty of music, libations, food and shopping. It's a holiday weekend, and few people will be working on Monday. My advice: pace yourself, and have a designated driver.

March 3

Houndmouth and the Boomtown Ball in downtown New Albany on Sunday, May 25.

March 25

UPDATE: Boomtown Ball and Houndmouth in downtown New Albany on Sunday, May 25.

April 26

Boomtown Ball & Festival details: Of bands, businesses and beers.

April 28

Here is a rough sketch of the Boomtown Ball site plan for May 25, with explanation.

April 29

All about the bands on the outdoor stage at Boomtown Ball on May 25.

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