Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fringe Fest 2012 overview, and what you should know about Open Door Youth Services.

Our fifth annual Fringe Fest opens on Thursday, October 11 at Bank Street Brewhouse. As in years past, we'll alter the normal working routine to harmonize with New Albany's civic celebration, Harvest Homecoming.

In practical terms, the recent conversion of BSB's parking lot into Lloyd's Landing means that previous legally mandated partitions and divisions no longer must be observed for the sake of a temporary permit. Rather, the food and drink and music can flow naturally from inside out and back, so long as beer in open containers stays inside the BSB perimeter and does not go out into the street.


I'm pleased to announce that from the proceeds of this year's Fringe Fest, a cash grant will be given to Open Door Youth Services: "Open Door Youth Services exists to respond to the needs and promote the healthy development of vulnerable children and youth."

Hope for good weather, and stop by while you're downtown during Harvest Homecoming.

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