Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now up at "Tastes Like Coffee, Just Different."

It took only 15 months for me to make up my mind about a title for my twice monthly column at, and when I did, it proved to be the same as it ever was: The Potable Curmudgeon. A nice, familiar ring. The festival in Cannelton, Indiana, described here was the symbolic end of event season, 2012. Lessons learned from the many place I visited this year are many, indeed, and I hope to begin describing them -- given the time. Always that.

Tastes Like Coffee, Just Different

(Note: Roger has decided to keep his moniker from his other blog. So from now on “Baylor on Beer”  will be known as “The Potable Curmudgeon”. Take it away, Roger…)
Earlier this year, I was contacted by a civic-minded resident of Cannelton, Indiana, which is situated amid verdant hills on the Ohio River, a few big navigational loops downstream from Louisville. If you’re not traveling by boat, Cannelton is about an hour and a half away. My contact, Rob, wanted to know if NABC would pour craft beers at an important annual municipal function in October: Cannelton’s Heritage Festival, which in 2012 was slated for double duty as the city’s 175th birthday celebration.

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