Saturday, June 02, 2012

Of course Applebee's serves "local beer."

Thanks to S for this view of the Applebee's menu; specifically, it's the Grant Line Road location in New Albany, where the choices undoubtedly differ from those in Fairbanks, Alaska and Mobile, Alabama.

Taken as a whole, the phrase "local beer favorites" easily might suggest "those beers preferred by locals," and in this context mass-market swill is a given.

But notice the way that the first two words (local beer) are shaded. Tricky, aren't they?


Donald Russell said...

Obviously a ploy to get the words "local beer" on their menu...but what's the point? It grabs the customer's attention and then let's them down when they see what it really is.

Rick500 said...

I read that while enjoying a NABC Extra Ordinary, brewed and poured by friends. Funny.