Tuesday, June 05, 2012

NABC to pour Progressive Pints at city's Live @ Five events (Fridays this summer).

(The poster has nothing whatever to do with Live @ Five, but it reminds us of Wisconsin's recall election today, and it will annoy elected Republicans, as well as this foodie stalker dude named Steve H)

Last Friday (June 1) saw the inaugural edition of New Albany's summertime Friday concert series opener, Live @ Five. It was an encouraging beginning.

This week on Friday, June 8, the series continues with Smokin' Joe, and at the same location: A temporary downtown venue formed by closing a section of Market Street (including the State Street intersection). The party runs from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and once again, the city encourages parking in the city's parking garage at the corner of State and Market, or at the foot of Pearl Street in the lot by the levee. Of course, street parking is nearby, as well.

The next two Fridays (June 15 and 22nd), Live @ Five will shift to a different location: The 400 block of Bank Street and adjacent parking lots behind the Carnegie Center will be combined to create the party space. Most readers know this area as comprising the street and territories directly adjacent to NABC's Bank Street Brewhouse at 415 Pearl.

Naturally, Bank Street Brewhouse will be open for business as usual, serving food and beer, during the two Friday evenings when Live @ Five is taking place next door. However, it won't be possible to combine the two licensed premises or take beers back and forth between them.

Fortunately, NABC's Rosa L. Stumblebus draft truck will be vending NABC beers at these Live @ Five events. To access NABC's approved parking lots during the time when Bank Street is shut off, just use the alley between Bank and Pearl (from Elm eastbound, and Spring westbound).

At this time, I believe NABC will have Rosa at hand for pouring beer at all of the Live @ Five gigs, which will run through August. It is likely that these will remain  primarily on Friday, but they might be rotated to other days of the week, and they will be moved from place to place downtown.

The city's Live @ Five press release and video are here, and following are two scenes from June 1.

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