Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haggis Laddie is back -- even if its primary reason for being is not.

In late January, I learned that the 2012 Celts on the River concert would be held not in New Albany, a city that had given the concert's organizers metaphorical refuge, a physical riverfront home and extensive help in nurturing the fledgling event for three years running, but in downtown Jeffersonville.

Evidently the concert was poached by Jeffersonville officials after the Celts committee organizer saw no compelling reason to inform New Albany that a bidding war was underway, seeing as to do so would have allowed for a matching counter-offer.

But worry not, New Albany's loss will be Jeffersonville's, too, once the Celtic carpetbaggers flee to Otisco, New Amsterdam or Birdseye at some point in the future, given that there seems to be no sentiment for them to be hosted anywhere in Louisville, from whence most of them hail. Therein lies an interesting story from the archives, but not just yet.

In the absence of regular communications between the organizers and NABC, which in retrospect was a predictable indicator of prospective divorce, we'd already placed Haggis Laddie Celtic Red on the production schedule to be ready for pouring at the concert in June. That's because we've been brewing it for the main purpose of being the event's "official" beer.

Yes, we might have made an adjustment in the schedule once we learned that the carpetbagging committee had flown the coop, but I wanted to ensure that all of it would be gone BEFORE the new concert date of September 8 ... all of which is to say, NABC Haggis Laddie Celtic Red now is on tap at the Pizzeria & Public House, and kegs are ready for tapping at Bank Street Brewhouse. Enjoy them, because we're not brewing any more batches this year.

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