Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Runkel Dunkel is coming next in NABC's Andechs yeast series.

Im Hühnerstall ist dunkel!
In der Ecke eine alte Runkel.

These words from a song in German may mean this: "The chicken coop is dark, and there's an old vegetable (Runkel) in the corner."

Or, they may not. Internet translation pages certainly are fun, though.

Runkel also is a town and castle in the Lahn Valley, and when NABC's Stephen Powell heard Ben Minton was brewing a Munich Dunkel (meaning dark; I'm on much firmer ground here) at the R & D Brewery, he went with the rhyme as his suggestion. Steve might be interested to learn that Runkel Dunkel is a song, too.

In any event, say it the German way: ROON-kell DOON-kell. It should be out soon, so stay tuned.


NABC Runkel Dunkel

Malts: Weyermann Munich, BoHo Pils, Caramel Wheat and Carafa III Special

Hops: German Hallertauer Magnum (bitter/kettle) and Tettnanger (flavor and aroma additions)

Yeast: Andechs Lager

IBU: 22

OG: 14 Plato

ABV: 6%

Color: 22.5 SRM

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