Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pat Allgeier, as spotted in Missoula.

Mark Allgeier forwarded the link to this article about his brother Pat, as published in the Missoula (Montana) Independent. Older readers will recall Pat's years of Louisville bartending service at the BBC St. Matthews location, and later at Cumberland Brews, with a few others in between. What more can be said? Pat always was a great favorite of NABC's, and it's truly a pleasure to see him thriving out West.

Stars behind the bars; A few top tenders revealed
So at home
It's around noon on a recent Sunday and Old Post bartender Pat Allgeier, an insouciant, animated 39-year-old with a thick frame, gray muttonchops and a long brown ponytail, is fixing drinks for the brunch crowd. He spurts a circle of whipped cream on a snifter of Irish coffee, spears an olive, pickle and pepperoncini to garnish a bloody mary and pours champagne for a mimosa.

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