Saturday, January 28, 2012

The New Holland delegation for Gravity Head 2012.

We've received the list of incoming Gravity Head kegs from New Holland Brewing Company, and so here's a Gravity Form program peek.



New Holland Brewing Company
Holland MI

Gravity Head Twist: Way back in the youthful daze of the Public House, Fred Bueltmann used to stop in for chats and refreshing libations while he crisscrossed the Midwest for his job as Bells beer rep. Later New Holland joined him, and I’ve enjoyably made it to Holland twice to check things out. Unlike Holland, New Albany has no Dutch-styled windmill, but NABC has this stylish contingent of New Holland specialties, handpicked by Fred and his team. For Gravity Head 2012, they’re in a category by themselves, because it’s the end of the world as we know it, and we might as well celebrate with our brethren. Accordingly, they’ll all be on tap on Friday, February 24, when Gravity Head’s 14th bacchanal begins.

New Holland Barrel Aged Charkoota Rye
(22C) Rum Barrel Aged Smoked Rye Doppelbock
8.4% abv
(See below) New Holland’s distilling arm, Artisan Spirits, crafts “freshwater” Michigan Amber Rum. Emptied rum barrels are used to age regular Charkoota for eight weeks, adding another complex layer of flavor.

New Holland Blue Sunday “Gravity Head Sour Blend”
8.7% abv
From the brewery’s cellar library of barrel-aged Blue Sunday Sour source ales comes this exclusive Gravity Head custom blend, put together solely for the 2012 event.

New Holland Charkoota Rye
(22B) Smoked Rye Doppelbock
Circa 8% abv
Pigs indeed can fly, as illustrated by this tribute to the porcine, ranging from Porkapalooza to the glories of the charcuterie. Rye and four barley malts, including cherry-smoked.

New Holland Dragon’s Milk
(22C) Barrel Aged Stout
Alcohol by volume: 10%
Aged in bourbon barrels for four months, with accompanying vanilla notes, and a name that derives from historical examples of English special strong ale reserved for the privileged. Fox hunting, anyone?

New Holland Envious
(20) Fruit Beer
Circa 8% abv
From the brewery’s Cellar Series, utterly unique fruit ale aged on oak. Michigan pear juice and chardonnay yeast create a second fermentation, and the ale is finished with local raspberries.

New Holland Golden Mean
(18C) Belgian Tripel
8.1% abv
A New Holland pub exclusive, shipped just for Gravity Head. It’s a classic Belgian Tripel, tawny golden, with hints of clove, apple and chamomile in the nose.

New Holland Imperial Hatter
(14C) Imperial IPA
Alcohol by volume: 9.4%
A member of the High Gravity Series, with plenty of grapefruit and citrus overall, bitterness in front, dry-hopped at the end, and suitable for falling down rabbit holes.

New Holland Silent Night
(18E) Belgian Strong Dark Ale
11% abv
Another house ale usually seen only at New Holland’s pub, Silent Night is referred to as “Biere de Noel”, seasonally for the yuletide, but not spiced.

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