Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Taste Roadtrip 2011: Monday, August 15.

The Lake Express is the fast ferry across Lake Michigan, connecting Milwaukee to Muskegon. We were equipped with bread, olives and Fantome Farm goat cheese, the latter purchased at Madison's sprawling Saturday morning Farmers Market, but libations were variable -- until I noticed cans of Milwaukee Brewing Company's Flying Damsel and Louie's Demise on sale at the terminal in Milwaukee.

From Muskegon, we proceeded directly to Holland's uber cool City Flats Hotel, which touts itself as "the first LEED Gold Certified Hotel in the Midwest (and) the happiest hotel in the happiest city in America."

I'm not one inclined to book hotel rooms for the distinctiveness of the hotel ambience (functional and cheap work for me). However, City Flats is an exception. Apart from the green vibe, each room is designed differently and the rooftop bistro (with only Michigan-brewed beer on tap) is superb.

Another obvious advantage of City Flats is its proximity to New Holland Brewing Company, a longtime personal favorite, and Lemonjello's, a sharp coffee shop we discovered on this year's trip.

We had time before dinner to visit Oval Beach, near Saugatuck to the south of Holland. The water was a bit cold, but who cares; after all, I can't swim.

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