Thursday, December 16, 2010

No worries: Still a Lite-Free Zone, with no 1A allowed.

Yesterday, reader Rob made an insightful observation.

I'm seriously worried that you have a beer that fits BJCP category 1A.

Not to worry, Rob. Here's a preview of the list (in development) that should answer your question. An * indicates a beer new to the list. I'm still in the process of deciding about descriptions; currently, the inclination is to have separate BJCP style compendiums available for perusal.


1A. Lite American Lager
No way. This is a Lite-Free Zone. Low calorie “light” American lagers were banned from the Public House on Jan. 1, 1994 and from the Pizzeria on Nov. 15, 2002. Good riddance.

1B. Standard American Lager
*Schlitz Gusto (Classic 1960’s Formula) … Illinois HQ; 4.7% … $.$$

1C. Premium American Lager
Red Stripe … Jamaica; 4.7% … 4.50

1D. Munich Helles
Spaten Premium Lager … Germany; 5.2% … 4.00

1E. Dortmunder Export
*Bell’s Lager … Michigan; 4.5% … $.$$


Doctor Tarr said...
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Doctor Tarr said...

It appears that the company currently known as the Pabst Brewing Company is trying to make sure they have the Next Great Slacker Beer as the PBR glow fades: in Kansas City and points west I saw many Schlitz billboards on a recent road trip.

While it's nice to see the brands survive, it feels wrong for Miller to be brewing PBR, Schliltz, and Blatz under contract.

(Unfortunate, perhaps Freudian typo corrected)

Rob said...

For those unaware (Im sure Roger was), I was kidding with me comment. You mentioned a few categories you couldnt find anything for (eg southern english brown) and assumed 1A had been left off that last for obvious reasons.

The New Albanian said...

I was perfectly happy with the opportunity to illustrate the proper use of that particular sub-category!

Rob said...

I was quite glad to provide you with the opportunity.

4A is another one that I could see some issues with, but I guess its on the level with 1B, if nothing else a Blackened Voodoo would do. The rest of cat 4 should kick ass.

Also interested to see what bottled options exist for 11A.

I guess Im just impatient to see all the desciptions and lists. :)