Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sundays in Indiana?

A number of blog readers have sent links from various news outlets previewing this story. When the curtain rises on the 2011 legislature, it will be the same basic outline as before: Grocery and convenience stores wish to dismantle remaining Sunday alcohol sales restrictions and discard the time-honored ban on cold beer at places also selling to-go gasoline (among others), while package store interests see the beginning of the end for the small family liquor store if competition is opened up. Both "sides" are right, in their own way.

Now what? I suppose that's why we elect these folks.

New Effort For Sunday Alcohol Sales To Be Launched In Indiana, by Gabe Bullard (WFPL)

The Indiana General Assembly will convene next month, and among the first bills introduced will be a measure to lift restrictions on alcohol sales. Some lawmakers and retailers are making yet another attempt at easing regulations.

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Iamhoosier said...

Allowing Sunday sales should be obvious. I've yet to see any logical(or even close)reasons otherwise.

"Cold", on the other hand, I do see reasons for both sides.