Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alexander Keith's does not matter at all.

As if there were any doubt, the low price point should give away the game: Alexander Keith's is not a traditional, heroic, independent brewer in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, but not unlike the sadly decapitated Goose Island, is owned outright by the gargantuan multinational, AB Inbev, which explains why this cute display is in the deli section of New Albany's State Street Kroger in the first place.

It's all an exercise in flatulent marketing, and likely to disappear unless it succeeds in knocking worthier American-made ales off the shelf -- that's why it's here, folks -- but in many other respects, Keith's makes little sense. Numerous American craft beers are as good or better, and it likely cannibalizes other AB Inbev imports (can anyone think of a reason for Bass being here?), but hey, who am I to fathom the motives of the non-beer-loving dealers?

After all, I'm just a beer lover who detests the multinationals with every fiber of my being ... but luckily, that's enough.


johnking said...

Can I get an Alexander Keiths with a chicken sandwich this Sunday at Rich O's?

jon faith said...

Dickens drank Bass, bitch

jon faith said...

I established my fact(or fancy) , my point of departure, on the luxurious Long Island Railroad back during the reign of Guliani when matters weren't riven by such avarice.