Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dig-In Indiana in Indianapolis on Sunday, August 28.

Dig-IN - A Taste of Indiana was held at Indianapolis's White River State Park on a gorgeous, humidity-free Sunday afternoon. It was billed as a farm-to-fork event, and featured growers, artisans, chefs, vintners and brewers scattered across multiple tents.

I've nothing but good things to say about Dig-IN from the consumer's point of view. The event was well organized, and the crowd was mellow. From a participating brewer's point of view, not checking off beer samples in the same fashion as food (or, alternatively, awarding a set number of sample tickets to each consumer) had the effect of depressing full pour beer sales. I believe everyone knows it, and there'll be a better balance struck in 2012.

Note that Rodney gave a wonderful chat on beer and food pairings to an appreciative audience in the lecture tent. Just remember: Smoked beer with breakfast, and sours for palate renewal.

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