Monday, August 01, 2011 is up and running, and my column is there. is up and live:

Previously, I wrote the introduction to this new beer site: Read my essay about the new, launching on August 1.

At, site founders John Campbell and John Wurth seek to offer a one-stop shop for Louisville area craft brewing information. It's something we need, and I believe they can provide it.

I'm happy to reiterate that will be the new home of my beer column, formerly published in LEO. Apart from a series of "Wednesday Weekly" essays here at Potable Curmudgeon, the column has been dormant since June of 2010, for reasons explained here: A tale of two columns.

As with my LEO "Mug Shots" column of old, now rebranded as "Baylor on Beer," publication at will be bi-monthly. This might increase in frequency if there's time to write, and when special events come along to suggest more detailed coverage.

Unlike the largely spurious reason for the termination of my LEO gig, I'll actually be able to write the truth about mass market beer when the mood strikes me, as it did with today's first "Baylor on Beer" essay: Know Your Enemy.

When I know more about the schedule for Baylor on Beer, I'll let you know, although it is probable that I'll provide at least some coverage of the Great Taste of the Midwest on Saturday, August 13.

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