Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hopheads, rejoice: The Omega is here.

The Omega (Ωμέγα) is a parting gift from former NABC brewmaster Jared Williamson, and in his inimitable style, it's an India Pale Common. Looking at the numbers and ingredients, we see a substantial commitment to dry hopping, and our house California Common yeast adding its own special twist.

The Omega (Ωμέγα)
Style: India Pale Common
Malts: Rahr 2-row, CaraMalt, Aromatic, Carafoam, Vienna
Mash Hops: Columbus, Summit
Kettle Hops: Columbus, Summit, Galena, Centennial
Dry Hops: Columbus, Summit, Centennial (2 lbs each = 1.5 lbs dry hop/bbl)
Yeast: Common Lager Yeast
OG: 1060
IBUs: 130
ABV: 6.4%

Currently, The Omega is on tap at Bank Street Brewhouse. It is awaiting a slot at the Pizzeria & Public House. It's a small R & D batch, so act decisively.

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